Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Mom decides her gift!

My Mom calls me up the other day and say " I want a tote bag it has to be neutral color and small and have at least 3 velcro closures on it. " I said ok , but can you please help me out with the color? She says " oh it doesn't matter just nothing to wild and how much are they?" I said Mom you don't have to pay me. Then she gets all upset and says yes I do- so I said I will make you one for Mother's Day. Well, she agrees with that and off I go to fabric store. Now I leave over 3000 miles away from dear old Mom so I am clueless what to buy. So I played it safe and got this very sweet fabric and made this tote. One thing I know I can count on with my Mom is her brutal honesty. If she doen't like it she will tell me!!! Wish me luck!!!


Felicia said...

Best of luck to you but I know she'll love it!

made in lowell said...

It's beautiful! If she doesn't like it, I'll buy it for my mom :)