Tuesday, October 20, 2009

redesigned and ready!

This will be a very quick post because of several reasons.

First, I am tired.

Second, I want to go veg in front of the TV and not think for several hours.

Third, I only have a little bit of news and last

I had a super fun Creative Sewing Retreat and many new items will be coming to my shop in the coming weeks.

Here is my newest redesigned Notebook Wallet!

Here is my lovely new Pleated Clutch Wristlets!

I promise a more informative and fun post next time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cute little Gift pouches are finally in my shop!

I have been wanting to start making and listing these cute little pleated clutch pouches for quite awhile. My main goal was to try to make a large selection to be ready for the upcoming holiday gift giving season.

With two craft shows coming up in November, they have been sitting on my sewing table for so long, that I just had to at least try to finish a few. Currently there are three listing in my shop and I hope to have more made very soon!

Adorable aren't they?

My customers always come up with the best ideas, and one has already inquired about these as bridesmaids gifts-- Yes, a wonderful idea.