Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mock Set-up for craft show

I am actually doing my first craft show in more years then I can remember. The Knoxville area Etsy Street team decided it was time to give it a try. So my daughter and I felt like we needed to get a handle on how it would all look. I was even abit unsure if I had enough inventory to make my booth look attractive. So what do you think? I still have a few weeks and plan on building up as much stock as possible.

I plan on posting the details once I get the flyers. If this craft show is a success then our street team would like to do another in the fall. More details to follow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Trendy MOM!!

When I told my 16 year old daughter that I was going to make a few handbags for my shop this spring, she said "Cool, but make some that are more trendy for the young shopper like me" OK!!

So here are the three I made and she is the model in the pics. "How did I do?" I asked her.

" Oh wow!! Great " she said " Can I have this one ?" Ha ha!! I passed the trendy test it looks like!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The power of suggestion- just a few shoulder bags!

Where do most of my creations and designs come from? You! My wonderful customers! I get many requests for custom orders and I have this problem that when a customer orders a design I can not make just one. I know most of my buyers have excellent taste so I almost always make two, one for the custom order buyer and one for my shop. Now there is another reason I do this besides knowing that my customers have great ideas. It comes from my sense of security in making two. I figure if I make two and one just does not turn out then I still have at least one good one to send to the customer. What is funny about that is that has never happened. Both always turn out wonderful, leaving me one to list in my shop.

So recently I have had several requests for handbags and purses. Well, I have not made any in quite awhile due to demand for my other items. But since I was doing a custom order anyway for the City Blooms with Amy Bulter dots Shoulder bag, I kinda got a bug to make several in that same design. So here are a few just listed in my shop.

I actually have a few more in a slightly different design that I just now am working on! Hope to have them listed within the next few days.

Friday, April 17, 2009

oh Yes! Another Giveaway

This one ends on April 22nd!! So you better get on over to Rainbowswirlz blog and give it a try!

The prize is my Pink Harmony little Zip Pouch! Good Luck :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bringing back the Boxies!

Last summer when I stopped making the boxie travel zipper pouches, I said NEVER again.

Yet, here they are again in my shop-- why you ask?

Well when it comes to summer, I think of travel, vacations, long road trips! Therefore, customers buy my boxies- so what can I say but "Their Back"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

$162 value Giveaway on the wonderful Viva woman blog!

One of the most wonderful and visited blogs in the fashion and beauty category is Vivawoman!! It is full of a wealth of information, so when Sesame approached me about participating in her April Giveaway- I jumped at the chance! So thanks so much Sesame! Now her giveaways are a great deal , the current giveaway is a $162 value! So if I were you I would get on over to her blog and cast your vote! What do you have to lose and it only takes a minute! Good luck :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Big shout out to my loyal customers!

Since the beginning of this year what has kept me in business is my loyal repeat customers. Although I so appreciate all my customers, I love returning ones!! What also has keep me going is custom orders. I hate to make these wonderful buyers wait since as of right now my custom order schedule is running close to 3-4 weeks out. So a big thank you to your patience and repeat customers!!

A very special loyal customer is PurpleDragonFly! Purchasing over 15 items from me, PDF is one of a handful that I can say have helped me to survive these past few months. Customer loyality is something that keeps me going, I guess I have an underlying believe that they might just miss me if I was not able to get thru these tough economic times. With that being said, this was PurpleDragonFly's latest custom order that I just finished about an hour ago!! I think it turned out just lovely if I do say so myself!