Friday, April 3, 2009

A Big shout out to my loyal customers!

Since the beginning of this year what has kept me in business is my loyal repeat customers. Although I so appreciate all my customers, I love returning ones!! What also has keep me going is custom orders. I hate to make these wonderful buyers wait since as of right now my custom order schedule is running close to 3-4 weeks out. So a big thank you to your patience and repeat customers!!

A very special loyal customer is PurpleDragonFly! Purchasing over 15 items from me, PDF is one of a handful that I can say have helped me to survive these past few months. Customer loyality is something that keeps me going, I guess I have an underlying believe that they might just miss me if I was not able to get thru these tough economic times. With that being said, this was PurpleDragonFly's latest custom order that I just finished about an hour ago!! I think it turned out just lovely if I do say so myself!

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