Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thoughts on Etsy Treasury

I have recently spent alot more time in the Etsy treasury. It is fun to look and leave comments. I myself have never been able to snag one. I have tried to no avail. So I have resigned to the fact that my computer may not be quick enough to handle getting one. I have noticed that for the most part the same people are able to get them. What are your thoughts on the treasury? I would really like to hear from you about this promotion tool. Also what is interesting are the buy and replace treasuries. I will admit that I have done these recently since I am in the process of buying gifts and presents for up coming Birthdays. So why not kill two birds with one stone right? I realize this is a sore subject with alot of fellow etsians, so I don't want to open any can of worms but once again what do you think of B & R's? I would be so interested in hearing all comments positive or negative. Thanks!!!


Felicia said...

I LOVE the treasuries. Maybe a bit too much. What I find interesting is the creativity of the treasury curators. I've seen some truly amazing ones the past few weeks. Most Recently the one that was on the Etsy webpage "Into the Woods". Wow, that one was beautiful. I bought three items from one of the shops on that list. I simply love the fact that the lists are created by Etsy users. That is pretty awesome.

Sort of hate the idea of the Buy and Replace treasuries so you won't see me there.

Do you have dial up internet? If so, you may indeed not be able to get a treasury. The secret to the treasury is to watch it when it starts getting close to 150 lists. Click on the word Expiration to reorder the lists in time order with the ones about to expire near the top. This will allow you to count how many minutes until the lists drop below 150. That is the time you need to be ready. The box will appear at the BOTTOM of the page so be sure you're in the treasury and scrolled to the bottom of your page. Additionally, you want to have already copied your treasury title so that when the box appears you can click in the box and hit paste. After that, you can breath and take your time setting up your items. I usually have selected my items and have them saved in my favorites so I can quickly set up my treasury.

I'm so sorry to go on forever. Hope some of this helps!

Ashton's Art said...

That's definitely a graet idea! If you plan on buying a gift anyways, whynot do it with the buy and replace thing. I personally have never used the buy and replace thing yet... i think it's great for new sellers to get their products out there.

Before they added a million pages to the treasuries i used to be able to snag them all the time.. but i just can't anymore. I think i've been able to catch one in the last few months, and that's just bad.