Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boxie Zipper pouches

My newest obsession!! I love these newest designs of mine. Mainly because they provide so much extra room inside with hardly any extra fabric. I am still struggling with the top zipper part though and also the lining is not as neat as I would like. There are a few in my shop now at proto-type prices. I will be added more and hope to make it a regular shop item. Keep checking back as I improve on the designs. My goal is to try to have a variety of sizes and shapes.


twiddlestix said...

These look great for makeup bags! I really like the 2nd one!

Gina (mosaico) said...

Hi JPat, Love the new designs. Your fabrics are, as usual, just lovely. I noticed that you have my old blogs in your sidebar. I've replaced mosaico decor and thesoulfulhome with http://www.anything.typepad.com Thanks and good luck with your new stuff.