Friday, May 9, 2008

Numbers don't lie!!!

How can this be?? I actually had a better sales month in April then last December? Well as an accountant I know that the numbers don't lie... so what is the explaination? I really do not have one. All I do know is that I am happy but very very tired. I did alot of custom work last month and now that summer is almost here I will be happy to spend alittle more time outside , reading, sitting in the sun and just plain relaxing.

Always want to post a picture so here is my lovely Pod Posey Wallet- this is by far one of my most favorite fabrics of all time. I must save some for myself!!!! :)))

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Periwinkle Studio said...

The deal is.....Your purses are fabulous!!!! I have bought not one, but THREE!!! I love each and every one of them. They are happy and very well made. I check out your store a lot and I learned that if I want one, I have to move fast! :) Get some rest sweetie! You are going to need it! :)