Thursday, March 12, 2009

What another one? Giveaway Mania from Etsy Sellers

It appears as if there is Giveaway Mania going on out there in Etsy land! I must admit that I have many mixed feelings regarding this new trend that appears to be the "new" way to get people to your shop! I also am as guilty as anybody to participate in these because of the temptation of that added exposure. I think this is the 4th one I have done since the beginning of this year. I think that it will also be the last one, for awhile anyway. Does it bring more views to your shop? Of course! Does it bring sales? I can not say for certain. Ask me in a few months when I am not currently doing any and I will re-evaluate.

I am approached on average 2-3 times a week and I am always very selective on which ones I decide to do but I think enough is enough. Don't get me wrong I actually use to do my own giveaways on the Promo's section of Etsy forums way before it became such a mania. I enjoy it very, very much. But time to pull back and see if these really pay off!!!

With all that being said, here is the current and last one for awhile that I am sponsoring. It is on A Daily Dose of Toni's Blog.

Here is the item that I am giving away!

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