Monday, October 8, 2007

Very quick- A wake up call!!!!

This is a very quick little note since I have a wonderful custom order that I must finish today. I will just bring up the subject of my tireless promoting. I have made a very difficult decision to just stop it for awhile. I will go back to my original mission when I started on Etsy. Create, list and come what may. Promoting can be fun but also very draining. I will not get caught up in it anymore. To be honeset I just need a break from it. I will focus my energies back into what I love - sewing and creating my items. So with that said maybe I will be able to blog more... but maybe not!!! LOL
BTW-this coin purse zipper pouch will wake you up!!!


Cathy said...

It's very bright and very lovely (know what you mean about the promoting!) Also love the pouch in the post below! Cool colours.

Athena's Armoury said...

Those bright colors are beautiful and certainly a wake-up call! Best of luck to you with the creating and listing thing. Promoting is a lot of work and it sounds like many of the successful folks on Etsy got that way from listing frequently. Good luck!

Felicia said...

Enjoy your sewing! Love the pouch :)