Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I won't discuss my age, but I will mention that life really does go by faster the older you get! Yikes!!! My daughters asked me " how old do you feel?" I said "17" haha!! But seriously, I truly do feel , at least mentally in my 20's. Physically is another story!! Some days I feel just wonderful, others not so good :(

To celebrate, after I finish this post I plan on doing "NOTHING" yes!! It is rare for me to just veg for a day but that is the plan. Well almost! I do need to ship a few packages out but I promised myself-- NO sewing today! I will grab my book and coffee later this morning and head out to the couch so my sewing studio will be out of site.... I will let you know how I do.

I never want to post without at least one picture. So here is my latest Business Click-it Wallet!

Currently listed in my shop . Lovely isn't it?


Debra said...

Happy belated Birtday!! Hope you had a great one.

Randomocity said...

You are only as old as how you act :)

savor said...

Happy Birthday, J!!

ThreadBeaur said...

Nice wallets and Happy Birthday!