Sunday, January 17, 2010

buying for trade secrets

Recently I have been experiencing quite a few buyers who are purchasing my items to gain some inside knowledge to my success! I think they are under some sort of delusion that if they can just look at one of my items there were be a hidden secret that exposes it all. How do I know this you may ask? Well, they seem to receive the item, realize that it is a top quality item at a great price but nothing magical about it. So then I receive a message, a very rude and insulting one stating that they want a full refund. They state all sorts of lies about my claims and proceed to demand a refund.
Well, it does make me kinda laugh because if you go back and look at their feedback history and do a little research it all becomes quite clear who and why they are upset. No inside trade secrets were provided at all--lol. So they have wasted their time and money, let alone their own
delusional disappointment. Then what makes matters worse is when I reply in a professional and kind manner, stating that if they return the items to me in excellent, unused condition then I would be more then happy to refund the cost of the items-- WHAT? I did not throw insults back at them, I did not stoup to their level-- how irritating------- oh you gotta love it.

But I am on to each and every one of you and yes, I am watching and possibly waiting too :)

Now on another subject:
Bought some lovely new fabrics that should hit my shop sometime this week!
Here is a look at an adorable owl fabric -- too cute imo

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Nauli said...

Ouch! That sounds bad. I can imagine a lot of people become jealous seeing your success. We just started selling in Oktober and felt not very comfortable selling to first time buyers, but it turns out untill now, never any problem! Hope this will not change.