Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 year Etsy-versary tomorrow

Anniversaries tend not to impress me much, but I must say I am proud that I have made it on Etsy for 5 years now. When I started I only looked about 1 month in advance, knowing how difficult it was going to be , I just did not want to get my hopes up. So here it is 5 years later- WOW! I will admit this past one was the most difficult, sales were way down. I had to really watch my costs. I am really hoping 2012 will be better.
Well, I always do some sort of SALE during my Etsy-versary and this year won't be any different but I will need to post-pone it by about a week since this up coming week is crazy crazy!!
I have to take my oldest back to college on Monday, then I have to get some medical test dones on Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday is back to North Carolina for house closing. So I think I will set the sale up to start on Friday-- details and more on that in a few days.
Have a great weekend :)

Just one of my latest pouches!

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