Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trip to North Carolina

So I have been waiting for almost 10 years to move back to North Carolina. My youngest daughter is a senior and plans to attend University in NC. My oldest daughter is still deciding but realizes that she will probably not want to be so far away from family once we move this spring.
We purchased a home to be built and went over to see it this weekend. It is totally finished and if all goes well closing will be in just a few short weeks--very happy and excited :)
My husband wants to be able to spend his retirement years enjoying as much as possible his favorite pass time- GOLF! The house we bought is in a golfing community within our very tight financial budget. He knows that as his cancer progresses there will be a time when he will not be able to do the things he loves so we thought time is key in living the life one always dreamed.

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