Monday, August 24, 2009

Hedgehog time- appliques and embroidery

Lately, one of a kind items have been on my mind. I love all the little critters out there in the handmade world, so I did an alchemy request for some felt applique owls and hedgehogs. I provided pictures to both of the bids I accepted. Zebra Dots on Etsy was the first to finish and send the appliques. Thank you ZD!!! Here is the finished product- little hedgehog on linen. Adorable and now available in my shop. I have more coming from my other bid too, so I am really excited to see these creations.

So what is the embroidery all about? Well, when I was a little girl I loved to embroidery anything I could get my hands on. That feeling is coming back, therefore in the weeks to come I hope to have several one of a kind embroidery pouches and cases in my shop. Currently working on the owl pouch with more stitching for added unique look. Hopefully will have it listed in my shop, if I am not to busy with the two wholesale orders that are on the cutting table right now!!

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