Friday, August 7, 2009

Yes those are sewing projects

That I hope to have done by Monday hahaha!! Two of them are custom order purse organizers that will be done by Monday but the rest..... well I can hope. Four new purse organizers and four new one of a kind flat bottom zipper pouches. Patchwork ones to be exact. I am hoping to sell the remaining handbags that are currently on sale, so that I may create a new section of "OOAK items". These are always fun and let me be super creative putting color combos fabrics together.

Please note : I will be on a Creative Sewing Retreat starting next Tuesday August 11th, 2009. My Etsy Shop will be closed for a few days but No Worries-All purchases made before then will be shipped! I will have access to my email so please feel free to contact me. Many new items will be listed upon my return. I will keep my Artfire shop open since the traffic level is always lower.

More about my retreat soon -- should be fun :)

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Kate8085 said...

Wow! That is alot going on!!
More power to ya, sister, I would be freaking out. hahaha.