Thursday, May 24, 2007

Extra work of bat quilting my handbags

Ever since I started this little business of making handbags and accessories I have been questioning the extra work ( and money) it takes me to buy then put the quilt batting in all my items. It adds so much extra time plus it does terrible things to my sew machine. The batting fibers get all inside my machine so I have two clean my machine every few days. Working with the thickness also is very tricky adding to it that I often use heavy weight interfacing in addition to batting to give more structure. So the big question is -Why do I do it? I could do what all the other bag makers do and just use interfacing. Just for fun I made myself a zipper pouch like all the others- man- that was fast, easy and alot cheaper!!! But did I like it as much? No- not even close- it felt and looked basic. Now don't get me wrong- I think some of my competitors are awesome!!! I am the only one on Etsy that does bat quilting of all my things, that I know of. But getting my uniqueness of my bags out there has been so difficult. Can't tell from a pic, can't get it across in my descriptions- only my customers know once they get their orders.
Will I stop doing it? NO!!! Because it goes back to what I always keep telling myself- I have to like and believe in my work!!! Please give me your thoughts and Thanks in advance!!!


Cozy said...

I think you are right. You must create a product you can feel proud of no matter how others do it. Make sure in your descriptions you always let folks know what sets you apart from others.

maia (glassbeach) said...

Stick with the batting! For one thing, it distinguishes your product from others. But more importantly, you are so right - YOU have to feel good about your product. And I really think that extra good feeling truly makes a product special. And be sure to price accordingly for your time and effort and batting!

ps I've been using fusible fleece with some bags and been really happy with its ease of use and lack of gumminess. Maybe that would work for some of your things?