Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Which fabrics to buy?

I must say some of the hardest decisions I make is which fabrics to buy. What I like is often very different then what will sell. I find picking out fabrics so much easier when I have my daughters with me. Yesterday I went to a local quilting shop by myself, mainly looking for clip hooks. But they were having a 25% off sale- oh no!!! Well, I actually was very good and only bought 4 new fabrics. I think they all will be great but boy, do I have a hard time !!! I also don't buy large quanities because I maybe so wrong about what people will like. I tend to see how it goes. I guess that might be good since I try to create OOAK things. Now what to make is my next decision for today.


made in lowell said...

Good idea to get the youth input :) Especially since from your last post, sounds like they might be part of your demographic!

BTW, love your fabrics :)

Amanda (Polyclarific) said...

Ahhh, I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy shopping like that with me. At the moment she just enjoys grabbing anything she can, whatever is closest!
I love that fabric and I love the idea of ooak, most of what I do is ooak too.

Illustratorsam said...

I find that I can restrain myself better when I have someone shopping with me :) Fabrics + beads are the hardest to NOT splurge on!

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

Pickle Pot Studio said...

i am not allowed in the fabric stores. i buy fabric and i can not even sew. well, i take that back, i can sew a little. if it is in a straight line.

hope you like the buy.com website. if you sign up for google checkout, right now you get a $10 bonus.

great blog.

Dashery Jewelry & Accessories said...

That's a great fabric!

I've tagged you!!! See my blog at http://dashery.blogspot.com for info on how to participate

Amanda (polyclarific) said...

I've tagged you! See my blog for the tag rules!