Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Asking for payment is not harrassing!

If a customer makes a purchase in one of my shops and does NOT make payment right away, my policy is to send a friendly reminder. If payment is still not made by the next morning, I send another friendly reminder. If still no payment within 24 hours I send yet another request for payment--- This my friends is not harrassing for payment this is being patient!!!

So I got that off my chest!

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Pili said...

Harrassing for payment? Do they not pay at any other webstores or regular stores right at the moment of purchasing? I mean, they surely won't go to a place like Target and expect to walk out the door without paying, right?

I always, ALWAYS! pay right away, I even feel weird when I'm waiting for an updated invoice, even when I know the seller told me to do so!


That is because you are such a sweetie! You writing this has made me feel so much better :)


Little Lovables said...

My friendly reminder usually says something like "please be sure to complete payment within 5 days of purchase to avoid cancellation of your order."

Salad for Breakfast said...

wow...i'd have done the same thing pat. i'm also one of those who has to pay RIGHT AWAY. i'd feel so guilty about waiting too long to pay...i dunno how other people can just wait like that. not me!

if that person didn't pay, well they missed out on owning an awesome jpat purse!

Michele P. said...

I actually like the reminders! Sometimes I purchase the item, then have to run an errand, cook dinner, whatever and forget payment hasn't been made yet. Usually I do it right off, but there have been a couple of occasions... lol-(see below) One thing too, is if I really want the item, I will try to convo the shop owner, let them know I want it, but can't pay for it till payday (biwkly for me) and they all have been GREAT about holding it for me. I don't think asking to be paid and sending a reminder is harassment, for me it is helpful both on ebay and etsy. Sometimes, I have to wait for the updated invoice and don't get to it right away-because I often miss the email coming in with the new invoice-those are the times I mess up on. But usually I just buy and send payment immediately, much easier for everyone involved!

Hollyrocks said...

Yeah I definitely would not consider that harassment. It's just common sense that you would want to receive payment for an item as quickly as possible so that you can get the shipment out in a timely manner. I hope you feel better now that you got it off of your chest, because I'm pretty sure most of us agree with you on this one.