Monday, July 13, 2009

I had to buy a new sew machine

I actually have had this machine for several weeks now but wanted to try it out before blogging about it. I am a loyal, loyal Janome fan, so when my old work horse Janome of 10 years starting acting up I had to decide if I wanted to have it repaired or just upgrade to a new machine. Well, when I saw that Janome just came out with a great new Thread Banger it became a no-brainer lol.... So I am happy to say it was on sale and well worth the wait.

I still have not had as much time as I would like to learn all that it can do but I am planning on taking 2-3 days to really have fun playing with it.


Pili said...

Yay for new and better machine!

Tangerine Kitty said...

Enjoy playing on your new toy!!

Cindy said...

Well girl congrats!! I need a new sewing machine to. That looks pretty fancy! I have an old singer 1982 still runs but soon will not. I don't sew like you though. I'm still loving my purse!