Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Redirecting my shop focus---SALE SALE SALE

So I have decided to discontinue making gadget cases and my boxie travel zipper pouches. Why you may ask? Well mainly because they are a pain to make but also they sale the least. So many sellers on Etsy make gadget cases and although I think my design is unique and super cool, the extra time it takes me just is not worth it. My boxie travel pouches actually do ok as far as sales but they too are a very time consuming item to make.

Therefore, in order to clear these two designs out of my shop I have put them all on SALE!!! Some are over 40% off!

I sold many of them already but as of today I still have about 6-7 left. These would make great gifts so plan ahead. Here is the section in my Etsy shop that will take you right to the items still left on SALE!

I have also decided that I will not be making anymore Eco-Baggies after I sale off my existing inventory of them. This decision was based solely on the very small profit margin I gain on these designs. I will be reducing the price of these also for quick sale!

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